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5 Best Plants for a

Low Maintenance Landscape in

Austin, Texas

We are a landscape design firm, based in Austin Texas, we believe in the active collaboration between designer, client, consultant, craftsman and artisans and embrace the challenges of site and budget to inspire highly creative, cost-effective solutions.

Each project begins by developing a thorough understanding of the client, their needs, and the site.  Once that is established, the project team draws from their experiences in professional practice and in life to create an elegant solution.  Clean forms, warm materials and details are incorporated from conception and allow for an aesthetic that is thoughtful, intriguing, and ultimately… comfortable.

Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican feather grass is a soft native bunchgrass that thrives year round in Austin, Texas. It dies back slightly in the winter, when it will need to be trimmed back. Don’t worry though, it will come back twice as full in the spring. Mexican feather grass looks best when planted in groups where it can sway softly in the breeze. 

Agave Americana

An iconic addition to any Texas landscape, the American Agave is a low maintenance plant that thrives in Austin landscapes. It adds statement and structure and can stand alone or be grouped with low growing annuals and grasses if you want to soften its look. Like most agaves, the American agave will need to be pruned periodically to look its best, but only once a year or so. 

Violet Spires

Violet spires are a type of salvia that thrives in central Texas. In spring and summer, this herb grows up to 3 - 4 feet in height and blooms continuously. It's fragrant purple flowers attract a plethora of pollinators including butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. These plants will die down in the winter which will require trimming them to the ground. However, come spring, they will sprout up without any effort from you. 


Damianita is a bushy, low growing aromatic plant that boasts bright yellow flowers during spring of summer. Though technically a shrub, this plant only reaches about 1’ in height at maturity. Its wonderful aroma and bright pops of color make it a popular addition to drought tolerant landscapes in Austin. 

Yucca Rostrata

Yucca rostradas are not technically a tree but they act like one in a desert landscape. These yuccas are highly structural and grow up to 10’ in height. Long lived and famously low maintenance, the rostrada has become a popular specimen species in low maintenance Austin landscapes.  


If you are interested in creating your own low maintenance, drought tolerant landscape in Austin, Texas, Colectivo Creative can help. 


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